What We Do. How We Do It.

We apply vibrant, high quality, high performance coatings to a wide range of substrates, producing pre-painted products for endless end use applications in Ambridge, PA and Cambridge, OH.

What We Do


We apply a variety of coatings and can provide custom print-coat products for all niche applications. We handle almost any paint
system — from the demanding markets of high gloss 2-side finishes to architectural grade applications using complex coating systems.


We take bare or painted metal to the next level with custom
embossing — from a non-directional stucco emboss pattern to our unique and innovative LumaTread tread plate.

Slitting & Leveling

We can slit and level almost any metal substrate into dead-flat, precision cut mults as narrow as two inches in width.


Lightweight, easily formed and available in Brite and Color, LumaTread has virtually unlimited applications — from truck trailers and cargo vans to decorative signage, garage door lines and architectural accents.

How We Do It

Relentless Perfection

We take quality seriously because our customers take it seriously – and that's why they trust us with their most challenging orders.

Critical Flexibility

Priorities are always changing and schedules need to be flexible. We can block line hours, produce small quantities and manage short lead times.

Total Access

From our service team to the people on the shop floor there is one goal – deliver the best, most responsive service.

Maximum Return

With the highest prime yield in the industry, we know how to maximize your return and minimize your scrap.