Solutions Provided. Expectations Exceeded.

We paint, slit and emboss virtually all substrates with virtually all coating systems. We deliver quality results on tough projects. And we do all of this at two plants with a laser focus on critical flexibility, total access, maximum return and relentless perfection.

What We Do – How We Do It

Our lines never stop. And with innovative coating line configurations we provide the best yield in the industry.  Challenging projects, including two-sided high gloss painted products on aluminum and critical architectural type finishes – we do it.  Coatings over steel, aluminum and stainless, such as mica and metallics, heavy film primers, multi-pass coatings, textured coatings, plastisols and dry-film lubes – yes, we do that too.


We offer a range of coating services for a range of end uses in many market segments, including everything from construction, transportation and appliances to HVAC, furniture and lighting fixtures.  In particular, high-end architectural products and challenging painted aluminum applications create unique challenges – which we excel at meeting.


With two locations in Ambridge, PA. and Cambridge, OH. we have the capabilities to handle your job, block line hours for you and provide the flexibility you need to run your business. And we can produce small quantities with the highest quality and yields in the business... maximizing your return and shortening your order cycle.